Service Planning Ridership Information and Network Tool (SPRINT)

Passenger Counting Software

Two decades into the 21st Century, there are still transit systems collecting ridership counts with pencil, paper and a clipboard. Not only is it tedious for the driver or the checker, it uses up many hours of staff time in the office for data entry.

The SPRINT system comprises a database, a file server, and an app that runs on iOS or Android tablets. Version 3 of SPRINT is intended for ridechecks performed by a checker on the bus, either as part of a 100% count or for NTD sampling to determine average passenger trip length. It is currently being used by NJ TRANSIT, Green Mountain Transit (VT), RiverCOG (CT) and NVCOG (CT). Version 4 of SPRINT is intended for daily counts of passengers typically taken by drivers in rural or suburban contexts. It is currently being used by rural agencies all over Vermont.

The system is flexible, very affordable and continuously being improved. Not only will it save all of your staff members time, it will improve the quality of your data and make it much more useful for planning purposes. Don’t wait any longer to bring your system into the 21st Century.